When possibly your favourite musical duo announce they’re going to be on a brand new music tv show, you’re bound to be excited. Imagine my delight when Mount Kimbie were said to be part of the first batch of filming for the new Abbey Road Debuts, this was back in February I believe. Imagine my despair, even though I’ve seen them twice, when I realise I have to wait till April to see the results of this filming as I didn’t win the twitter giveaway for tickets. So, after a mixture of emotions, I am pleased to say that today, I’ve heard a small portion of what will be on offer when Mount Kimbie’s TV performance airs. It’s “Before I Move Off”, possibly their best song, and it sounds terrific as ever – check it out below.

Abbey Roads Debuts is shaping up to be a must-see television show, find out more info here and follow them on twitter to win the chance to go to a future filming session simply by retweeting.

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