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I like SLEEP ∞ OVER. I like SLEEP ∞ OVER a lot. Ever since hearing “Outer Limits” via the ever-great Gorilla Vs. Bear last year, released on their Forest Family Records, I’ve been enamored with the otherworldly vibes and it surprises me that I haven’t mentioned the former trio, now solo act for Stefanie Franciotti, on the blog before now. With the release of “Casual Diamond” on the 1st of this month I’ve been listening to the tracks I have pretty obsessively, which I have to say, goes down pretty well alongside some Hard Mix too.

I thought it would be fitting just to post out three of the tracks that have been distributed for free before, all the ones that I’ve had recently on heavy repeat. One of the tracks, Casual Diamond, was described by GvsB as a “cosmic make out jam”, I think if I a girl I knew ever suggested listening to SLEEP ∞ OVER, I wouldn’t be able to help myself but furiously make out with her. Download links below.

Also, for those of you lucky enough to be going to SXSW, SLEEP ∞ OVER will be there as part of Altered Zones’ awesome looking Showcase. Go to it. I die a little on the inside every time I look at the poster.

Outer Limits
La Rose
Casual Diamond

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Above Image is the Cover Art to the now sold out “Outer Limits” 7″