PREVIEW: James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream B-Sides

James Blake’s next release – the 12″ single of “The Wilhelm Scream” – will feature two new B-sides, “What Was It You Said About Love” and “Half Heat Full (Old Circular)”, previews of which have surfaced online. It’s interesting to hear a snippet of this new material, with both songs fitting a similar mould to his self-title debut and you can easily imagine the two as off-cuts from those recording sessions. Not to say that they’re bad, with “Half Heat Full” in particular grabbing my attention, a droning affair a little reminiscent of his Klavierwerke EP. Check out both B-Sides below and probably hold out, like me, final judgement with some higher quality mp3s. Buy the single here.

PREVIEW: “What Was It You Said About Love” + “Half Heat Full (Old Circular)”

STREAM: “Sparing The Horses” – an audio-violent treat from Blake’s first EP – Air And Lack Thereof.
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