HYPE: Zoo Kid

Zoo Kid is straight to the point, hitting the surf rock and minimal vibe perfectly. Literal new blood on the music scene, Zoo Kid was born in 1994. He sure doesn’t sound it, “Out Getting Ribs” feels matured, like it were written by any seasoned singer song writer. The Zoo Kid’s voice, despite being quite deep, has a soft tone, its soothing. You could describe his music as blues, its slow pace is humbling, leaving you with a sense of content aimlessness.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/17593920 w=640]

“Has It Hit”, has a more frustrated tone, which can be felt by Zoo Kid’s voice and lyrics. It’s got a distinct dub influence, with the echoed drum machine, and smokey bass. It feels like it was recorded in a large room, which gives it a very “home grown” essence.
I find it really hard to write this without commenting on his age. His lyrics are incredibly poetic, they aren’t your “standard teenage angst fueled love songs”. His tracks are bold which isn’t something you don’t hear often.

Getting Out Ribs – Zoo Kid