MIND BLOWN: Las Robertas – “Ojos Con Dientes”

My adoration of Costa Rica’s Las Robertas increases tenfold by the day. Or, at least it will do, if they keep pumping out material like this. 2010′s seminal Cry Out Loud has had me hooked, I had a good interview with them in December and now this amazing track? “Ojos Con Dientes” packs the same punch as the best songs on their debut and leaves you wanting a hell of a lot more. I’m just praying that they end up playing gigs in London after this.
[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/9036626"]
This song is part of split 7″ with REINA REPUBLICANA. More info here


  1. TS-8 wrote:

    real good. i heard a rumour that all of them are dating members of sex beet hahaha.