MIND BLOWN: Amtrac Remixes

“H.A.M.” & “Sloop John B”. Not two tracks you would immediately associate with one another. But Kentucky native Amtrac, a.k.a. Caleb Cornett, has recently released remixes of both. Having Kanye and Jay-Z’s new single opening with choric singing and smooth piano is quite a nice contrast from it’s originally intense, video-game reminiscent intro. However, after this the song becomes notably more electro. In fact, Amtrac has ramped up that beating bass and made “H.A.M.” fit for the finest of clubs.
[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/9026844"]
What is even better though is his remix of The Beach Boys’ seminal “Sloop John B”. Taking the beach-pop masters vocals, extrapolating and repeating them across a perfect club-beat is an ingenious move on Amtrac’s part. Apart from those most famous lines you’d be forgiven for forgetting the Beach Boys are even in the song somewhere, with their vocal sounding more and more like a dance music staple each time I listen. The song makes me want to become a DJ, just so I could end a ear-blisteringly good set with this gem. Seriously, either that or find a DJ who lets me arrange their setlist.
[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/8985397"]


  1. dj d.a.r.e. wrote:

    What’s up,

    1) This Sloop John B remix is fantastic, thank you for the intro to it.

    2) If you’re seroius about wanting to arrange a setlist for a DJ, I’d be willing to be that DJ. A link to my 4shared account with a few of my mixes and stuff I’ve done is listed in my website field. It is chronological, oldest stuff at top, newest at bottom. My style is pretty eclectic, give it a listen (my personal favorite is a mix I did titled Bat Country), if you’re interested in putting together a set just shoot me an email, or message on my 4shared, or respond to this post, or facebook me, or use a messenger pigeon, or smoke signal, but do not tweet it, I don’t use twitter.

    dj d.a.r.e.

  2. dj d.a.r.e. wrote:

    I tried to post this earlier, and it didn’t post for some reason…

    1) Great song.
    2) If you’re serious about arranging a setlist, I’d be game. Check out my 4shared account above for some of my mixes, and let me know.