RARE CANDY: P.O.S. – Purexed

It’s not often that I listen to any of the music videos people post on facebook, I’m lazy. Recently my friend Matt posted this video, which is pretty sick.


It’s P.O.S. an MC/multi-instrumentalist, who’s rhyming style is insane. Similar to giant, DOOM, it isn’t constrained to a particular structure, its more freeform. Unlike DOOM, his rapping is smooth. Sure there are the verse and chorus in the song, it’s down the way he raps.
Put over a spaced out synth and crackling vinyl, he literally does the talking for the track. However, the chorus is a different story, an almost Hella like breakdown, its hectic and pretty mathy, a brilliant contrast. Released back on ’09, there hasn’t been anything new from him.
I’m definitely going to look out for this guy in 2011.

Purexed – P.O.S.