AHHH SHIT: Lykke Li Remixes

Ahhh Shit is a recurring post on any new band, song or video that has recently grabbed my attention. Yes, the title is a reference to the opening of Potholderz by MF Doom.

Not as cutting-edge as I’d like to be, for some reason I put off listen to these two remixes of Lykke Li’s seminal comeback single “Get Some”. One’s by the Beastie Boy’s Mike D and the other by Beck. I was surprised as you are to hear those two names, but both are distinctly good. Beck making Lykke’s vocal even more tribal and angered, layered, chopped and distorted vocals all added to the mix with a thumping drumbeat. Mike D goes in a different direction, with a more electronic, chilled-out vibe and echoed, distant beats. Each version of the song brings new light to an already sublime track and are definitely worth the listen.

Get Some (Beck Remix)
Get Some (Mike D Remix)

Also, check out this old gem!
Little Bit (Death to the Throne Remix)


  1. [...] I love Metric remixes because Emily Haines is the perfect voice on any dance track. But we gotta give it up to Death to the Throne’s remix of Twilight Galaxy. Fantastic, and if you haven’t checked the remix of Lykke Li’s Little bit, hit this. [...]

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