QUICK DOWNLOAD: Burial – Archangel (Phaseone Remix)

Quick Download is our weekly post bringing you a track, old or new, that we have been obsessing over recently.

I’ve recently become pretty much infatuated with this song, a remix of Burial by Phaseone, from his 2009 White Collar Crime mixtape. It’s old, but a truly sick tune. It sounds spread out and desolate, whilst maintaining a heavy-centre-set beat, and fragmented vocals that are frankly disconcerting. It takes away the rapid succession of beats present in the original and the slower, paced out replacement creates something very different. In fact, probably the greatest achievement here is that the vocals feel so much at home on both this remix and the original song, being the primary, possibly only, element that attaches them. Download below:

Burial – Archangel (Phaseone Remix)