HorrorshowPodcast #18 – GILES’ MIX

It’s the last podcast of the year! And it’s a guest mix by good friend of the blog Giles Field. Moving from the heavy beats of Crystal Fighters’ seminal “I Love London” and ending with Stereolab, via David Bowie amongst others. It’s a nice mix, which madly fits together in it’s incoherence of genre. Listen and download below, the next mix will be out on the 1st of Jan!

PODCAST PLAYLIST Download via iTunes
Crystal Fighters – I Love London
Dam Mantle – Movement
Violens – Full Collision
David Bowie – Let’s Spend The Night Together
Voicst – You Look Like Coffee
The Ronettes – Why Don’t They Let Us Fall In Love?
Kisses – Kisses
Stereolab – John Cage Bubblegum

One Comment

  1. Giles Field wrote:

    Honoured to be allowed to contribute. And I would say “eclectic”, rather than “incoherent” :)