GIG REVIEW: Talons/Brontide/Hold Your Horse Is/run,WALK! @ Camden Barfly

Last night, I ventured off to Camden, making my way to the illustrious Barfly, which held these 4 bands for an astoundingly good gig. run,WALK! kicked off the proceedings in their usually hyperactive way, songs like “He Who Must Not Be Named” and “3,5,10″ sounding as good as ever, with the set nicely joined by a heavier, thrashier version of “Why Can’t You Do It For One Day?” from their first ever EP. Even technical difficulties with a broken kick pedal couldn’t stop the ferocious two-piece’s set. Drummer Tom’s occasional screams of “FUCK!” pierced those very infrequent drops of silence in the songs, whilst lead singer/bassist Matt’s stage vaulting, was more audience participation than the other bands seemed willing to divulge in. The duo have got an upcoming release in November, you can also buy a t shirt and their mini album together for the bargain price of £10!
Why Can’t You Do It For One Day?

The less said about Hold Your Horse Is, probably the better. They’re a band that unfortunately stand out as totally unoriginal amongst the other bands on display. A couple of the songs had Queens of the Stone Age carbon-copy openings and the rest of the set didn’t impress. Expect nothing out of the ordinary if you end up seeing them, though expect crazed middle-aged looking fanboys.

Brontide came on next, their performance last night proving that every time I see them live they only get better. Seriously, their set included their namesakes in MFBT and 10x2x4, amongst other, newer songs but what they seem to bring to the fore every consecutive viewing is that they are 3 guys who really enjoy playing together, the intensity of the songs coupled with some supreme musicianship meant that they easily stole the show for me, (sorry Talons). What really got the crowd in a frenzy was the announcement that Brontide will be recording their long awaited album very soon, expect something incredible from these instrumental stalwarts.
10x2x4 (Live BBC Introducing Session)

Talons finished the evening with their own brand of instrumental brilliance, incorporating not one but two violinists amongst the usual guitars,bass and drums. It gives the final act of the evening a unique twist and they did close the gig in supreme fashion. One of their older songs, “Comiserations Buff Orpington,” made the crowd go wild and the barfly seemed to actually be the most packed during their set, justifiably as they played with a lot of vivacity and those violins add a nice touch of epicness (I use that term very sparingly) to the proceedings. It became a little ominous even, maybe intimidating.

Overall, the gig was brilliant, with three sets that I enjoyed and wouldn’t mind seeing again. Check these bands out if you get the chance anytime soon!

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