LATEST OBSESSION: Dangermouse & Jemini – Ghetto Pop Life

I picked up a copy of this from Rough Trade last month. I gave it a quick spin before I bought it as well, I couldn’t stop smiling in the shop and think I may have even laughed aloud. Not in a patronising, “this is shitty!” way, but just a feeling of adoration that fueled my happiness, it was exactly the kind of CD I was looking for at the time. It was so enjoyable that I was more than happy to part with a meagre £7.99. It’s just so good, right from the start.

I don’t know what it is about Dangermouse. Everything he’s produced that I’ve heard has been amongst either my favourite songs or ones I always go back to. His Grey Album, The Beatles’ White Album x Jay Z mashup, for example, is easily of the best albums from the last decade. His Gnarls Barkley work alongside projects like Dangerdoom and Broken Bells have set him apart from other producers and this album doesn’t drag down the rest of his back catalogue at all.

The opening song “Born-A-MC” sets the tone well before titular “Ghetto Pop Life” throws the album into full swing. Dangermouse’s production shines throughout and Jemini’s verses seem to be sublime, especially on songs like “Omega Supreme”. There’s something about it that to me harks back to 90s hip hop but also remains sounding in essence quite timeless. My personal favourite of the album, “The Only One” containing some pretty hyperbolic name chanting, for example is a song so strong in the hip hop meta-narrative that I was convinced I had heard it before. I urge you to look into this album, a hidden gem of Dangermouse’s work. You won’t be dissappointed. I swear.

The Only One

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  1. Great find~ This is indeed a brilliant album that deserves way more props, the very definition of being slept on…