The motherfucking Gaslamp Killer as he is known to his myspace and various other places, is without a doubt, one very sick DJ. His mixes are so good that it is actually illegal for him to release some. If you pick up any one of his mixes, which generally consist of a mix of hip hop and electronica, and I’m pretty sure I heard some Justin Timberlake once, treasure that mix like it were your child. I like to think that his mixes are like bubble and squeak, a rather odd culmination but it works incredibly well.
One particular mix I was lucky enough to get hold of is the “Akuma No Chi Ga Odoru”. Which is the “Low End Theory” japan tour mix. Unfortunately, there is no tracklist with this mix due to the legalities, so unless you have musical knowledge of John Peel, then your going to have to research the shit out of it. Bangin’ stuff.

Here is a little glimpse of this sick sick mix.

Gaslamp Killer – Akuma No Chi Ga Odoru