Kingdom of Dogs.

Yesterday I picked up a CD that got sent to us awhile back, “Kingdom of Dogs” by Bastions. We don’t really get sent CD’s, in fact I’m pretty sure its never happened before, so it’s pretty nice to receive one.
“Kingdom of Dogs” is put simply what is sick about hardcore today, a subtle blend of old and new. The first track on the EP, “Crooked Hand”, sounds like Suicidal Tendencies and Every Time I Die somehow did a collaboration. The pace of the track has this trudging beat that starts the EP in manor that you know its going to be something to stick around for.
The next track, possibly my favourite, “Misery King”, the guitar manages this tuneful discord sound, which I’m pretty sure defies the physics of music. Its weird to hum a hardcore tune in the day, as they don’t really offer an opportunity like that. The vocals in this track, and the whole of the EP, are fucking awesome. They are distorted but clean, which is almost soothing, and enough for you to get a jist of what is going on in the vocalists head. Which is probably something like a double rainbows, cause the lyrics are pretty fucking sick as well.
The EP definitely demonstrates that these guys are constricted of time, they aren’t afraid to take some time on some chords, giving the EP a Fucked Up feel. “Her Casket Holds No Bones”, is a good example of this, with a epic breakdown with a grimey guitar, that builds up to a fast paced punch in the face.
I’ve only ever been really hyped on a hardcore LP/EP with Femme Fatale, and Refused, the genre has a tendency to become diluted with bands that have no creative drive what so ever, Bastions are like drinking straight Ribenna, gives you goosebumps and makes you want to move about loads. I am very excited to hear more from these guys.

Check them out here.


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    1. cg wrote:

      Check them out on facebook. See the video on youtube, Bastions visitant. new album-hospital corners on IATDE.