I think its safe to say its festival season right now. With Field Day in the past, and fair few others in the future, its the best time of year. Technically Nathan, and I did go to Field day, its just that we were behind the bar. So we didn’t really get to see many bands. However, using cleverly placed breaks, we managed to see some bands that interested us.

I only saw Gold Panda, who was fucking awesome, totally lived up to my expectations. He definitely maintained the fragmented beats in his set, its quite easy to switch to a more dance orientated set, but Gold Panda kept it cool. I also managed to hear Caribou, our bar was right next to the main stage, seriously, from what I could hear, Caribou was killing it. He obviously played stuff from his new album, which I reckon would always go down pretty well in a set, and the crowd was so hyped for it. I really wish I had been down there, but that same crowd needed beer.

Overall, the festival was pretty sick, we got to meet some rad people, listened to some rad music from a distance, and got a bit of moneys out of it. Props to Evi, Kirsty, Kunal, Charlie, Shaun, and that guy who kept tipping me.

Gold Panda – You (Worriedaboutsatan Remix)

Nathan saw some bands as well. Yes I did Lewi.

I saw part of Lightspeed Champion’s set, who played my favourite of his; Midnight Surprise, as well as the previously mentioned Gold Panda. The Blogger’s Delight stage was seriously too small, an oversight that showed how buzzworthy the DJ/electronic artist has become with more than a hundred people trying to squeeze their way into the tiny pagoda. I also glimpsed a little of the Is Tropical set, a band I don’t really know that much about to be honest, but of whom I enjoyed their music. Not even sure what songs they played, sounded quite good though.

Gunna shout out to Kristina and Martha who hung out with us on the first day, and friends Matt and Ben who I saw whilst I was working, also the people I worked with on the day who generously shared out the collective shared tips.

Is Tropical – The Greeks