Anticon Records

Its not often you find a label that you like every artist on, especially one thats range in artists is pretty big. Home to Baths, and Tobacco, Anticon records appears to specialize in indie, electronic music, you could even go to say it has a lo-fi D.I.Y version of electronica, rotor of bands.
I was lucky enough to find this label through Baths, who I’m sure if you like to be on top of the music world, have been getting a bit of attention. I wasn’t sure how to grammatically describe Baths, mainly because it is just one guy, and so the “s” is a little confusing. Baths isn’t something you would think would work on paper, a little nerdy guy making beats on par with acts like Flying Lotus and his brainfeeder family, but adding Beach House like vocals on top. Its a very interesting mix. If Animal Collective, Prefuse 73 and Damon Albarn where all involved in a horrific science experiment, meshing them all together, I guess they would sound much like Baths. The music he makes is oddly soothing, considering the offbeat drum machine and scatty structure of the music.
Anticon is also home to a band named dosh, which emulate live electronic music, which isn’t much different from jazz. Their music is pretty experimental, with saw synths alongside saxophones and double basses, dosh like to switch it up a little. Made up of only two people, they definitely have to use some loop pedals. An obvious comparison would be Holy Fuck, however although they do make live electronic music, they use a wide variety of instruments, opposed to a couple of analogue keyboards and a bass. dosh are an interesting band, and are on their 5th album, if they can pull five albums out of the bag and still keep it fresh, they are most definitely worth listening to.

Anticon really have an awesome selection of artists under their wing, ranging from hip hop to experimental electronica. Make sure you put this label in your bookmarks, I’m sure it will keep your musical thirst quenched.

Baths – Maximalist