We get sent a lot of stuff and admittedly do not actually listen to a lot of it. I thought by adding in a segment like this, it would bring an air to anything that catches our fine eyes in the ol’ inbox.

Here at Real Horrorshow Tunes, we like simple, invariably pretentious, emails, good artwork, all caps band names and Pavement covers. CYMBALS provided all of the above. With the email subject pegged as “THE EXHIBITION WAS AVERAGE AT BEST” I was bound to take some level of interest. Their bandcamp page is also lovingly simple, with the nice artwork plastered around. I was even more pleasantly surprised when the music turned out to be quite alright too. You should definitely check it out.

Download their Pavement cover below and go to the link above for another free track.
CYMBALS – Kennel District (Pavement Cover)