NEW VIDEO: Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours

Now that D&B and dubstep have taken the platform as the cool dance music, I wonder what will happen to the electro labels like Ed Banger. Turns out, they release some awesome dance fueled pop music. In this case its Breakbot’s track “Baby I’m Yours”.


I was quite lucky to come across this, as I was browsing through a friends youtube subscriptions and the video for “Baby I’m Yours” was amongst the recently added feed.
The video was made using 2000 water colour images, all hand painted. The video is vibrant, and has an almost sexual feel to it, with the incredible amount of colour creating this.
Literally, every part of this track is a hook, from the piano to the guitar, even the drums are catchy. I will be an old man by the time I get this tune out of my head. Whats great about the track and the video, is that they go hand in hand. The video is like a rainbow, as is “Baby I’m Yours”, a colourful song with bounce and a distinct rhythm.


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