TRACK REVIEW: Wavves – Post Acid

Released today via Mountain Dew’s Green Label Sound, I though that I ought to chuck in my two cents on the song. As you would expect, it’s a suitably upbeat and uptempo traditional Wavves song. William’s reassurance that he’s just having fun are particularly poignant. He most definitely is, oh yeah he is. I actually loved the song from the off and you probably will too! It sounds like he is in love too, with a Best Coast-like choric “with youuuuuu” that is repeated a few times throughout the song. Like the previously mentioned, and leaked so the label are trying to cover it up, track King of the Beach, Wavves is harder, louder and more edgy, with a cleaner production lending itself to a improved sound and clear vocals so you can decipher the lyrics on the 1st or 2nd listen, not the 83rd. This has probably only increased the hype machine building up to the release of the new album, released August 9th on Fat Possum, “KING OF THE BEACH”


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  1. [...] seeps into the album through songs like this. What follows is his Mountain Dew sponsored-single, Post Acid. It’s nonchalant, trippy depression to reassured happiness and connotation of love, [...]