TRACK REVIEW: Wavves – King Of The Beach

The lo fi bedroom wizard, Nathan Williams aka Wavves (centre), is now the self-proclaimed King of the Beach for his forthcoming *gasp* studio-recorded album out 3rd August on Fat Possum and a free download of another album track, “Post Acid” is out on 9th June via Green Label Sound. In this, most probably the first single of the album, you get the hear, a cleaner, more pristine, yet still unmistakably lo fi sound. Joined now by former members of Jay Reatard’s touring band (left and right), Williams is slightly changing direction, as he said recently to Pitchfork, “The last thing I wanted to do was record the same record again.”

And this song is certainly as hell different to previous efforts, the production work is immediately noticeable, with William’s strained vocals kicking harder and a lot louder than prior songs. The song is also clunky, fast, incredibly rock orientated and seems to hold itself similar to his faster songs like “So Bored” and “No Hope Kids” but with a stronger, bigger sound, that rightfully would dominate the beach. “Let the sun, burn my eyes, let it burn my back,” lyrics the show William’s total devotion to this way of life, it’s picking up a contemporary, scuzzy Beach Boys sound that is more defined and refined from last year’s Wavvves album.

It is a brilliant song, that sets the tone for the rest of the album, which contains two songs previously released as demos, “Mickey Mouse” and “Cool Jumper”, whose AnCo-like stylings will hopefully translate well into an interestingly divergent but brilliant album. With three successive years of records, you can’t help but agree with William’s assertion that, “You’re never gonna stop me.”

King of the Beach stream removed by kind request of Fat Possum.

Mickey Mouse

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