TRACK REVIEW: Kid Cudi – All Talk

Cudi is at it again, rapping over a tight LCD Soundsystem beat, this time it’s “Dance Yrself Clean”. Opening with a sample of Christian Bale’s bitchfit on the set of Terminator Salvation, “THINK FOR ONE FUCKING SECOND!”, the song then progress through Cudi’s slick verses then his choric reassertions that “hmm, these niggers all talk”. It is a brilliant choice to pick a song from probably the album of the year, much like his other brilliant LCD-sampling track “Can I Be” that used “Someone Great” from 2007′s Sound of Silver.

The thing about both songs is that they have a almost nauseating, slow beat, that is just yearning to build and break into something more. As you probably know, “Dance Yrself Clean” does just that, being in my opinion a spiritual successor to “Someone Great”, yet that same earlier track does not extrapulate and Cudi uses the new beat in much the same way, focusing on the slower, repetitive notion of the song. These beats drive his rapper angst, both seeming to be holding Cudi back with his angry, attacking lyrics.

“All Talk” effectively sounds like the better parts of his 2009 album Man On The Moon and you believe the notion that “over here we ain’t half-steppin’,” The track is great, posing that a James Murphy/Kid Cudi hook up might produce some great music. It also shows once again, the great indie sensibilities that Cudi has, as well as working with MGMT and Ratatat, he also has sampled Vampire Weekend amongst others, download the song below.

All Talk



  1. I’m really liking this song, hope you don’t mind that I borrowed it (I added a link back :) )

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