REVIEW : Delorean – Subiza

This is ridiculumly late I know, but thought it proper that I should review this brilliant album after it took me so long to get my hands on it. If you’ve seen any of my previous coverage on Delorean you know that I really do love the band. Their Ayrton Senna EP last year was brilliant and I’ve already reviewed the lovely preceding single release, “Stay Close”. Subiza is the culmination of Delorean so far. And it’s definitely everything you would expect from Spain’s euphoric answer to the industrial sound of France’s Daft Punk and more recently Justice.

Opening with the first release, the record is set up with the antithetical droning, in that it sets up happiness instead of immense lows, the singing is euphoric and although nonsensical adds and builds up the effect that is the album’s collective spirit, this chanting almost, is signature and is continued into the next song “Real Love”, it pulls back on the excited tone set by the opener and sets a nice calming pace. It literally feels like the calm before a storm of dancing and the final bursting point of this song points in the right direction, for the following “Endless Sunset”.

“Grow” does that in itself, with a pulsating, building beat, I would say it is an album highlight, but I’m not entirely sure, the album is a sprawling collective, that effectively expands upon the previous work in a way that makes the album a consistent and brilliant collection of songs that can’t easily be considered as individuals, as they work so much better as (and succeed in being) that whole album play through. There’s a slight discrepancy with the Primal Scream, Screamadelica-era, sounding opening of “Simple Graces” dragging away from the dance stylings of Delorean but only for a brief moment as the Spaniards kick back into full swing.

I think that “Come Wander” is probably my favourite song on the album, as part of this collective beast, it strikes the right notes at the right moments, with only two more songs following it, it seems to be becoming of a closing third. The other two that follow it, “Warmer Places” and “It’s All Ours” betray some intense yearning and the latter especially is conclusive of this journey that Delorean lead you on. It sets up the follow-on, the continuation of this blissful and dance-inducing electronica. I’m packed and ready Delorean, accelerate to 88 m.p.h. when you are ready.

Come Wander