HorrorshowPodcast #7 – FALCON MIX

Tasked with concluding the SUMMER VS. series, Lewi has outdone himself and come back with another beast entirely that I thought deserved a title all it’s own. It does have aspects of summer, as he discusses below, but don’t expect no stereotypical shit y’all.

The Notorious B.I.G. – Things Done Changed
Henry Thomas – Red River Blues (DJ Yoda Remix)
Fucked Up – Baiting the Public
Blakroc – Stay Off the Fuckin’ Flowers (Feat. Raekwon)
Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo
Gold Panda – You

So here is my mix, although short, I feel it captures the aspects of summer for me. I kind of feel there are two types of summer music, you’ve got the happy upbeat kind and then you have the more personal shit. This mix is definitely more of a personal summer, so I’m sure it will be quite interesting to hear someone else’s sound of the summer.
I had a bit of biggie cause he’s just fucking cool, you’d want him at any summer party, cause he’d bring everything you need, and just run that shit.
I also added a bit of DJ Yoda, cause he’s all for the fun times, plus he does the best DJ sets around.
After Yoda, I felt like some hardcore punk, Fucked Up, I have no idea why it brings summer to mind, apart from it maybe making me feel youthful? Nonetheless, epic band.
I also put in BlakRoc, cause I think it was the only song, apart from Gold Panda that was actually summer orientated. “Stay off the Fucking Flowers” definitely has that hazy feel to it, plus with Raekwon putting some lines over it, its just hypnotizing.
Lastly, I had Joy Orbison and Gold Panda, for the pure freshness that their music creates.


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  1. Ben wrote:

    Hey Lewi,

    any chance you can re-up the Gold Panda – You track?

    Thanks in advance mate and keep up the good work!