REVIEW: Holy Fuck – Latin

Holy Fuck could be justified in being named the analogue kings, with three album to their name now, they haven’t faltered, keeping the sick beats coming.

What I like about the current three albums, is that you can see Holy Fuck evolving, with their self titled, “Holy Fuck”, lp being quite gritty, almost like a demo album. In fact it was nearly all improvised. Their second album “LP”, being quite clean cut, more dance orientated, and was much about the buildups.
Now we have “Latin”, which is almost a fusion of both, with some added “special features”. They definitely have added some more sounds, instead of the fuzzed bass and synth, giving it some variety. The structures have also changed, instead of starting with a bass part/drum part/synth part, and building the song from there, tracks are starting with all at once. Now, if I put my musical detective hat on, I would say this is mainly down to the fact they are probably composing songs, and using improvisation less.
Anyhow, the music on the LP is tasty. With “1MD” and “Latin America” being instant like-ables, and “Stay Lit” at one point having horns, which is tre’ unusual for Holy Fuck. But don’t worry, Holy Fuck still have the raw, fresh vibe that we love so much about them.
“SHT MTN”, sounds a lot like “Milkshake” from “LP”, with some nonsensical wailing, except with a more march like drum, and fuzzed to fuck synth.

To be honest, the album is quite similar to both their previous albums, however, because Holy Fuck are so original in their sound, and there really isn’t much like them, its nice to listen to some new material. You can really feel the progression they are making, as they only slightly change the sound of the band, however because it is so volatile, it is noticeable.

Oh yeah, if you ever get to see these guys live, do it. It is insane to watch these guys make the music.
Here is “Latin America” and my personal favourite remix they’ve done “Nude” by Radiohead.

Latin America – Holy Fuck

Nude (Holy Fuck Remix 2) – Radiohead