Three’s the magic number.

It has come upon me that I have three amazing albums that have been released recently.

Titus Andronicus – The Monitor

Titus Andronicus released their second LP, “The Monitor”, a concept album based around the American civil war. Titus Andronicus are among the few bands that have been influenced by Bruce Springsteen, and managed to create a genuinely soulful record. This emotion in the strained vocals stays strong in every song, not once weakening for a song with no meaning. It really feels like Titus Andronicus have made every track count, with “A More Perfect Union“, epicly starting the album, rolling into “Titus Andronicus Forever”, repeating the lyrics “the enemy is everywhere”. Every line in the album is said with the sound of drunken honesty and meaning.

Bonobo – Black Sands

Bonobo is back with a killer new LP, “Black Sands”, surprising us all with something a little different to previous albums. You can still here the trip-hop influences, but this time Bonobo has experimented with more orchestral sample’s, and using a range of live instruments. You could even go to say that some parts of the album are even dub orientated, “Eyesdown” featuring Andreya Triana, showcases Bonobo’s ear for this.
What really gets me with this album is its layer of atmospheric sounds, every track is like a “big mac” of music, except its not bad for you and it tastes better.
This album is going to keep me satisfied for a long time, definitely worth the £9.99.

JJ – JJ No.3

Number three of my short list of rad albums is; JJ‘s JJ No.3. See how I left this one till last, I’m so clever.
Despite the name JJ No. 3, this is actually JJ’s second album. I’m not sure why it is named JJ No. 3, but then, when do you ever understand the name of any album.
With JJ’s last album creating quite a stir, and listing in most albums of the 2009, I guiltily never managed to pick up a copy, so when I was sent both JJ No. 2, and JJ No. 3, I was pretty happy. Thank you rough trade for the nice welcome home gift.
JJ No. 3 is a romantic dream pop album, the ghostly happy melodies may make you think JJ are a blissfully innocent duo. But taking a closer look at the lyrics and this is some seriously dark shit. Lines like “Take me away, like I overdosed on heroin“, need I say more.
The hazy synth echo’s over the album, whilst JJ sing about smoking, drugs, and love. Tracks like “No Escapin’ this” and “Let Go”, are vivid, trippy, musical tales. The album is almost like a story, tracks being chapters, following “Into the Light”, is “Light”. This isn’t just reflected in the naming on the songs, but the music does flow like a book would. You would probably only listen to this in one go, which is one of its flaws, as there isn’t really a track that truely stands out.
Overall though, the album is worth investing in, if you liked JJ No. 2, then you’ll definitely like JJ No. 3.

Bonobo – Eyesdown (Featuring Andreya Triana)

JJ – Let Go


  1. Rose wrote:

    i like fucking love Titus Andronicus. good post!

  2. Ripley wrote:

    Good post!
    I love both jj no 2 and 3!
    Let go and My love is fantastic!
    Pretty great of rough trade to pack em together.

    By the way.

    jj no 2 is their first album.
    jj no 3 is their second album.
    jj no 1 was their first single. (Two tracks)
    So its not that complicated ;)
    Its all on their wiki page.