REVIEW: Fang Island – Fang Island

I’ve been listening to this brilliant LP in an almost non-stop rotational loop. It just has breathed a fresh air of happiness with an uplifting nature into my life. I love it. Simple as, you could probably stop reading the review now, I don’t think I could really add more of my opinion across this review than in that last three word statement. Go on, download the mp3, bugger off, no, actually, I joke, seriously though, make sure to download the mp3. If there’s anything more convincing of how happy one piece of music can make you it is most surely the life-affirming “Daisy” which although full of metal-esque riffs and chanting of the supernatural kind, it portrays no other emotion than a completely ecstatic child. I think the album artwork does a great deal to help you picture the actual child-like beauty of the record, it spews forth a simple innocence that I feel has been absent in many recent albums which some could say are almost too-self-aware.

The album opens with the brilliant “Dream of Dreams” which in fact sounds like the soundtrack to such a thing. BUilding and building to not a crescendo of sound but a simple and understated organ solo. But it is fitting as the forebear to many faster paced and upbeat songs. The singing the band introduce into the latter third of the first song continues as it spills over into second song Careful Crossers, with the rest of the strong instrumentals feeding straight into it. Follow this with “Daisy” and the opening trio of songs is almost utter perfection in a trend that is seemingly never broken. It continues with the other album highlight “Life Coach” before feeding into the rest of the tight, apparently flawless album. I basically just feel enamored with the record, it seriously has had a real profound effect on me, I now want to witness this bodacious positivity live, but to my despair they aren’t playing in the UK anytime soon. Oh well, for those British amongst you, embrace the sound, buy the album and hopefully they will grace these shores in the coming months.

MP3 – Daisy