TRACK REVIEW: Delorean – Stay Close

One of my favourite releases last year was the frankly soothingly sublime Delorean’s Ayrton Senna EP, it’s choice of deceased F1 racing drivers as well as a Back to the Future car (pictured above) referential name both initially drew me into the Spanish band and paid off enormously when I started listening. This year, Delorean are releasing their own fully-fledged LP, Subiza, which judging from this lead track, it will be a phenomenal follow up and sure set foot in the right direction for the Madrid four piece’s career. The song is naturally upbeat, following on from Ayrton Senna’s 5 tracks, with lovely soothing harmonies and the beats that build and build, making for some serious anti-chillout-hyper-happy dance music. If I heard this in a club I know I’d go absolutely insane on the dancefloor. I wish I was a DJ just so I could play it. It clocks in around 4 and a half minutes, building and building, to a seemingly unattainable high. That’s fine though because it promises more of the band and album, essentially the song has hyped me up, what I guess it has been constructed to do, and made me ever more anticipatory of the album which is depressingly not released until the 08/06.


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  1. Laurel wrote:

    Delorean is the jam.