As we proceed, to give you what you need.

Get live mother fucker.

SO, I am going to Costa Rica, to see a good friend of mine, and I am unfortunately not able to take my laptop, of which I write my posts. So I thought I would do one last post before I leave and go out with a bang, or some bangin’ music.

My first band is from Ridgewood New Jersey, and have played with current bands such as Titus Andronicus and Vivian Girls, they are called Real Estate, and they are awesome. You’ll notice that they are in the whole shoe gaze folk rock movement, we are experiencing at the moment. It appears that Grizzly Bear would be a common comparison to Real Estate, giving off a psychedelic rock ‘n roll vibe. They are one of the many great alternative rock bands surfacing at the moment, they released an album in november 09, and I believe are releasing more material soon. I am super excited about this band, I feel sad that i didn’t hear about them sooner.

Next up is some electro pop, by the name of Jai Paul, who I don’t really know much about, apart from that he’s a producer / artist and his track “BTSTU”, is pretty much if Dirty Projectors decided to do a collabo with Sebastien? Its so tasty, this is going to get overplayed on the plane.

And finally “Exhibit C”, Jay Electronica. I’m going to do a full write up on this guy when I get back, cause this shit is so sick.
Jay Electronica, produced Nas’s “Untitled”, and recently played two sold out shows at the jazz cafe in london. His track “Exhibit C” has a beat so good, it could of had J Dilla‘s name on it, and abstract rhyming style, being compared to Nas and Just Blaze.

Real Estate – Fake Blues

Jai Paul – BTSTU

Jay Electronica – Exhibit C