The “Lewi’s Gone to Costa Rica!” Playlist

Lewi, my co-writer here at real horrorshow tunes, has gone on holiday. Which was rather surprising to me as he notified me over xbox live a mere few days ago. He’s gone to Costa Rica. I thought I’d make a playlist to commemorate the fact. I sat down and thought of 10 songs that offered south american scuzziness, a kind of sunny, laid back beach lifestyle sound, typified by those washed-out disposable camera holiday snaps, as well as some songs coated with a lovely RnB sheen. Anyway, enjoy the songs.

1. CSS – Patins
2. Bondo Do Role – James Bonde
3. White Denim – I Start To Run
4. Wavves – Mickey Mouse
5. St. Vincent – Marrow
6. Washed Out – Belong
7. Tanlines – Real Life
8. Delorean – Seasun
9. Discovery – Carby (Feat. Ezra Koenig)
10. Solange – Stillness Is The Move (Dirty Projectors Cover)


  1. Rose wrote:

    i like this playlist, also it taught me ‘where’ costa rica is, so thank you

    costa rica reminds me of that les incompetents song

    • Nathan wrote:

      cheers! and i didn’t know exactly either, it’s all kind of part of the US, it has a governor in the Senate and other political representative madly enough

      i haven’t heard the les incompetents song – link me?
      the name les incompetents makes me think of los campesinos

  2. Sam wrote:

    Great playlist! I was wondering where I could get my hands on that Washed Out track. It is amazing, and the link you provided has “expired” or something.