TRACK REVIEW: Dominique Young Unique – Show My Ass

You’d think that the final word on girl hip hop artists would be the oft-timesbaring-all Yo Majesty because aside from the frankly amazing “Diva” on Beyonce’s I Am…Sasha Fierce album, I didn’t think there was anything else worth mentioning. It’s probably fitting that the incredibly talented Dominique Young Unique was taken under Yo Majesty’s wing and their producer David Alexander has signed her to his Art Jam label, now releasing her Blaster EP. But enough with inside connections, lets move on to the song. It’s a behemoth of production that shifts so fluidly between the sudden and familiar hand-claps to dark and dirty dubstep-like bass and fresh beats or even a dance vibe that is irresistible to (at least) nod your head along to. Most evidenced around the 1:47 mark, the production comes across to me as something that could have been broken into about 5 or 6 other songs or at least sounds like its been plucked from some, especially say the opening handclaps. But despite this incoherent edge to the song, it, rather unbelievably to me initially, works. I think it’s probably Unique’s vocals, her slightly repetitive verse fits in so well it displays a versatile talent to her voice as well as making the song sound like it’s the mixtape sample for the EP. It’s only 2 minutes 50 but if this song is showing the forthcoming shift of hip hop into an eclectic mix of and homage to genre, I more than welcome it. She sure as hell is doing it right.

And as a bonus MP3: Yo Majesty – Club Action – it’s brilliant.


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