TRACK REVIEW: Yeasayer – O.N.E.

As this song has been buzzing in my ears and on the tip of my almost ever-singing tongue for the last few days I thought I’d try out something new for the blog and do a track review. I’ve been in love with Yeasayer’s O.N.E. since I saw the ultra cool overtly day-glo futuristic video:
And as well as being a brilliantly bright bizarre visual attack, the music, to me, is just an embodiment of the pop song as perfection right now. It’s set up wonderfully, with miffling electro beats and a deep deep bass, as well as the enigmatic lead vocals. It’s got the lyricism of a broken heart smothered in the blanket of an upbeat tempo whilst sounding like a love song. Which, admittedly makes for a brilliant post-breakup song, or something that covers the “I’m over it” stage, it’s brash kind admittance (“No, you don’t move me anymore/And I’m glad that you don’t”) is like throwing a rotten fish in your ex-lover’s face.

Clocking in at over 5 minutes long, you’d think it would perhaps be an overstated elegy to the broken heart, yet, it is anything but down-trodden or depressed, it’s much too full of up-beat charm, which drew me in from the first listen, and should have the same effect on you. – Download