Shit fo’ yo’ calender.

Boyo! I think its time for some new music.

First in the mixer is Holy Fuck. They have recently announced their new LP, “Latin”, oh and they decided to announce this on Chatroullette. Which means that the men on there will finally have something to wank about.

In good will Holy Fuck let one of their tracks leak, “Latin America”. Which kind of sounds like their self titled album, but with structure and more synth. When it starts to really kick off, you can tell things are going to be a little different this time, this may be because, this is the first album to contain their touring “rhythem section” which gives the song more depth.
Holy Fuck’s “Latin” will be dropping May 11.

Second up is some material off Madlib’s “Beat Konducta in Africa” which is set to drop March 23. Expect compressed beats, smokey filters and some honey sweet tunes. Seriously excited for this. However, you can hear some breaks and samples used by Oh No, Madlib’s brother. Nonetheless, the tracks are fucking sick.

Item 3, Foal’s have set a date for their album, “Total Life Forever”, which will be hitting the fan on May 10. According to Yannis, when he spoke to The Fly, its definitely the darkest, slowest stuff they’ve written. The first track up for your listening pleasure is, “Spanish Sahara”, which definitely reflects Yannis’s description. It’s a soft ghost of a song, no polyrhythms, instead a few layers of synth, whilst the guitars hang back, keeping the song pretty minimal.

Looks like this year is going to be a pretty sick one.

Holy Fuck – Latin America

Madlib – African Voodoo Queen (Drama)

Madlib – The Frontline (Liberation)

Foals – Spanish Sahara

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  1. Hendies wrote:

    Could you reupload spanish sahara? It says the download limit has been reached