When we compile year-end lists, it’s fucking hard to get everything in, I’ve compiled a list of ten here, in no particular order, of albums that just missed out on being in those lists.

Las Robertas – Cry Out Loud
This album by the Costa-Rican starlets is fucking addictive and I don’t know why I didn’t take so much notice of it earlier. The girls in Las Robertas, as well as bloody talented are also amazingly attractive. Partly why I interviewed them, even if it was only by email. The album is full of killer tracks and totally nails, in their own brilliant way, the lo-fi sound. You will definitely dig this.

Las Robertas – Street Feelings

Dum Dum Girls – I Will Be
Another all-girl lo-fi extravaganza, Dum Dum Girls impressed with the thoroughly fantastic I Will Be. Straight from “It Only Takes One Night” the album had me hooked. Tracks like “Jail La La” and the nice, up-tempo German-language anthemnic “Oh Mein Me” maintain the album’s amazing vibe. I feel bad that I didn’t initially listen to it as much as I should of, it seriously is one of the best albums this year.

Dum Dum Girls – Pay For Me

jj – nº. 3
The amazing Swedes came back with nº. 3 this year, an album full of their trademark beats, sampling, I especially like what sounds like Spanish-language football commentary on “Into the Light”, and high-pitched wailing. The off-beat, obviously weed infused music that they make has been pretty outstanding and this album is no different, it’s something that needs to be heard.

jj – Still (from Kills)

Owen Pallett – Heartland
The former Arcade Fire member whose brought albums out under the Final Fantasy moniker returned at the beginning of the year with Heartland an album so beautiful, so sombre and thought with tension that it’s kind of claustrophobic, in a delightful way. Seriously, it’s kind of an instant classic. Owen Pallett’s had a good year, he also did this.

Owen Pallett – Keep The Dog Quiet (Simon Bookish Remix)
Girl Talk – All Day
Opening with a fucking sick Ludacris x Black Sabbath mash, Girl Talk initiates All Day, an album that, following the success of Night Ripper and Feed the Animals, is just as insane and full of off-kilter samples. I don’t know how he comes up with this stuff but I’m glad that he is around to show it all off. I mean, seriously, music would be a hell of a lot more boring without the mash-up maestro here.

Girl Talk – Oh No

Die Antwoord – $O$
The debut album from Zef-side hyper-rappers Die Antwoord is basically so wrong that it jumps right over into right. I love it, but is that because I also detest it? I’m not sure anymore. All I know is, this album is spell-binding. It’s captivating, songs like “Evil Boy”, “Rich Bich” and “Beat Boy” are bizarre as fuck but full of sick, psyched verses with Ninja and Yolandi acting as the perfect Yin and Yang to their next-level beats.

Jonsi – Go
Frontman for Sigur Ros, Jonsi came out this year with his debut solo album Go and it’s probably more plain out beautiful than anything else released this year. It’s just so nice. Listening to “Go Do”, you can’t deny that you’ll end up feeling happier. It’s an album that you should hear because, ultimately, you’ll feel better about not only yourself, but every fucking thing around you. Except for “Hengilas” that will probably make you cry.

Ratatat – LP4
The fourth album by dynamic electronic duo Ratatat is killer. Picking up where the self-explanatory LP3 left off, LP4 delivers exactly what you’d want and expect from the band. It’s just as danceable and with a new shift into utilising vocal samples, alongside a visual obsession with birds, Ratatat prove they are just as interesting and vibrant in this decade as they were in the last. You may doth protest that it’s a little repetitive but it’s admittedly part of the charm, because it doesn’t sound stale, it’s as fresh as ever.

Mirando (Animal Collective Remix)
Curren$y – Pilot Talk
Curren$y is a rapper I’m admittedly new to hear of in 2010, but with Pilot Talk I was hooked, opening with “Example” and full of sick guitar hooks in the beats, sounding as if they’ve come straight out of the eighties, that all the self-infused hyperbole makes perfect sense. It’s a bloody brilliant record and much like the name of the second track, this album is “Audio Dope”. Pilot Talk 2 is already out as well, Curren$y is one busy rapper.
Curren$y – Michael Knight (Remix ft. Raekwon)

OFF! – First Four EPs
Legendary Hardcore vocalist Keith Morris’ new band takes things back to basics with a fast, unbelievably frenzied album. So hard and fast it’s going to make you incredibly joyous and upbeat or upset because you’ve been punched in the face by it’s intensity. He’s not messing around with OFF! and you can tell that this album, a collection of the four EPs released this year is undoubtedly headed to become a staple of the Hardcore scene.

I Don’t Belong

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